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Contact Mica Waters (www.micawaters) to purchase the Adya Clarity™ Ionic Minerals and Water Filtration SystemFiltration System without Clarity™ is only $145. Retails for $250. The Adya Ionic Clarity™ mineral water can be added to the Adya Clarity™ Water Filtration System trapping the toxic particles in the ceramic filter producing a crystal clear water at the bottom of the unit. Adya Clarity™ is a high potency mineral water containing calcium, Iron, potassium, magnesium and 82 other trace minerals. Radiation is blocked by the use of Clarity (black mica (biotite)). This filtered water benefits the health in many ways by adding minerals to the body and detoxing the body of poisons including E. coli May get rid of Candida, fatigue, and numerous other symptoms. Clarity™  converts Sodium Fluoride into Calcium Fluoride. Quantity sale on Adya Clarity™.

Big Sale every month on Adya Clarity™.  Today's water needs to be purified by using the Adya Clarity™ Ionic Minerals which block radiation from entering into the body plus removing toxins such as arsenic, mercury, chlorine, nitrates, aluminum, chloramines, lead, E. coli, and drugs which appear even in bottled waters. The Adya Clarity™ Ionic Minerals and Water Filtration System and home best water filter system have 5 filters: charcoal, zeolite, quartz, river rocks, and ceramic filters.

Adya Clarity™ converts sodium fluoride to calcium fluoride. The 5 filters: ceramic, charcoal, zeolite, quarts, and river rocks are the best way to strain out all the trapped impurities in your Clarity™ water, thus bringing the user to a higher level of health. The filters: ceramic, charcoal, zeolite, quarts, and river rocks are the best filters money can buy. This free-standing, no electricity needed, gravity water filtration system only $145 includes a 0.2 micron ceramic filter, a multi-level filter of raw earth including ceramic, charcoal, zeolite, quarts, and river rocks.  The Adya Clarity™ filtration system or Adya Clarity™ Ionic Minerals and Water Filtration System with the added Adya Clarity™ ionic mineral water contains a powerful energy that electrically energizes water which in turn energizes your body.

This electric life energy works well only when we have abundant ionic state minerals in our body.  Minerals serve as the carrier of energy and as the communication device for life. Without minerals which are plentiful in the Adya® Ionic Minerals and water filtration system, life as we know it could not exist. Radiation which exists in water, Plants, animals, humans is blocked by the Adya Clarity™. Water becomes unstable and starts showing degenerative symptoms when required minerals are not present in an ionic form.

In Adya Clarity™ a magnetic sulfate Biotite mineral is used which not only blocks radiation but it transforms your water into living, oxygenated, fresh tasting mineral water with toxins removed. Adya Clarity™ cleans up all the impurities. Adya Clarity™ can be taken to restaurants and hotels to purify and detox the water. Adya Clarity™ super shots can be taken daily on an empty stomach for one month with amazing results. Recipes available.

Discount sale prices for Adya Clarity™ Ionic minerals are available. Call us anytime at (650-280-0219) or fill out the box on home page and press submit for sale prices. Contact us for the healthiest and best Adya Clarity™ Ionic Minerals and Water Filtration System that money can buy. Remember this is a free standing, portable, no electricity needed Filtration System. Feel more alive with Adya Clarity™ ionic mineral water. Remember the Adya Clarity™ Ionic mineral water filtration system, or best Filtration System, cleans up toxins including E. coli in the water, destroys mercury, arsenic, aluminum, lead, nitrate, chlorine, chloramines, and converts sodium fluoride into calcium fluoride. Contact Mica Waters for Adya Clarity™.





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